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Gifts of Distinction

Worthy of the best!

We know that your company has clients, executives and/or employees who should be recognized for their distinctive contributions to your company’s success. The manner in which you choose to recognize them reflects who you are as a company. The gifts displayed in this category are a random sampling of products available to recommend for your upcoming project. Based on the helpful information you share with us about the recipient(s), the purpose for your gifting and your budget, we can help you find the perfect gift each time a need arises – it is our niche to please you. The opportunities are endless for us to match your gift need with our creative spirit and vast resources for quality products, so that in the final run, you might even wish to be on the receiving end! Let us show you additional Gifts of Distinction.

World Time Zones Clock Leather bound World Atlas Crystal Gavel Stationery and Fine Writing Instruments Fine Porcellain Plates Falcon Solid Brass Armillary Silver Thermal Carafe